10 mistakes to avoid when trying to lose fat.

Losing weight can sometimes be really frustrating.

Doing everything right will always lead you to a positive result, if you feel like you are doing everything right and still not seeing results, just know that you are doing something that isn’t right.

With that being said, let’s discuss how the 10 mistakes that you probably making intentionally that making you go off track and lead you to no results.

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1-Watching your calorie intake.

When trying to lose fat, you must pay attention to your calorie intake.

It’s obvious that you should be in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight, but first off, you should know your calorie intake that will make you not either gain or lose weight.

From that number of calories, try to reduce it with 10% every 2 weeks, keep in your mind that losing weight fast isn’t the best option, just stick around with this method and the results will slowly come with time.

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For example: if your body needs 2000 Kcal to neither lose or gain weight, start your first week with eating not more and not less than 1900 Kcal.

Also not that going hard and eating too few calories, like going crazy and not eating only 1000Kcal will cause more problems than it will solve.

This will lead to slow metabolism and losing muscle mass, this isn’t a healthy way to lose weight, it just gets the situation worst.

Also losing more than .45kg a week can be dangerous for your health.


2-Doing too much exercise or not at all.

When losing fat, you must likely lose some muscle mass with fat.

But our goal during dieting is to maximize maintaining muscle and maximize losing fat.

Working out and lifting weight several times a week and doing cardio exercises is enough to keep the metabolism high and maintain some muscle mass while losing fat.

Studies showed that not exercising will lead to losing muscle, and with that, you will have a slower metabolism and we definitely want to avoid that.

People should avoid excessive exercise, which will cause a lot of injuries. During this period of the caloric deficit, we try to be careful in our training.

 As studies seemed to show that this period is very sensitive and you can get easily injured. Trying to force your body to burn more calories is neither effective nor healthy.

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3-Weighting yourself excessively.

The habit of weighting your self is very common in the world of weight loss, but it’s just a sign of wanting fast results, and we definitely want to avoid everything that comes fast when it comes to our body.

The number you see on the scale is a number that’s influenced by several factors, including how much food remains in your system.

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You should consider the scale as a way from different ways of seeing progress. You can use the mirror as an alternative to seeing progress and taking pictures will also help.

I encourage not to let the number on the scale bring your motivation down, try to remember the reason why you started and you will achieve your goals.


4-Estimating food calories

Many people when dieting, at some point they think they know the measures and they just start estimating the calories without knowing how much really they are taking.

We take for example a salad bowl, the total calories is exactly 320Kcal, I came in and I added 2 servings of Ceaser salad sauce, now the calories have gone from 320Kcal to almost 400Kcal.

The is 80Kcal that was added to the dish. You can have a healthy snack rather than having 80Kcal of sauce.


5-Not eating enough proteins

losing weight consist of eating a lot of proteins.

Studies showed that taking enough protein in your diet will decrease your appetite, give you the feeling of fullness, and maintain your muscle mass.

Also taking enough proteins will help increase your metabolism.

Your protein intake should be in the next norm: for every lb, you should take 0,6 to 0,8 grams.

To optimize your diet make every meal rich in protein, vitamins, and fibers that we will talk about next.


6-Not eating enough fiber.

A healthy and optimized diet should consist of high fiber meals.

Some studies showed that fibers help with decreasing appetite, give you the feeling of being full, and also help you digest your meals.

All types of fiber are beneficial for dieting, but it seems some study showed that viscous fiber holds better than other types, they reduce appetite even more and make you feel fuller.


7-Overestimating the calories burnt during workout.

Knowing how many calories you burnt during your workout is very important.

An experience that was made, consist of taking candidates and making them exercise some cardio movements, after the session we asked them how much calories they think they burnt during the workout, the majority said it was like 600 to 800 Kcal, but in reality, they only burnt 200 calories.

And the mistake you should avoid is eating more than you actually burnt in your workout.


8-Avoiding lifting weight.

Resistant exercises are really important during fat loss periods.

A study showed that weight lifting and bodybuilding have a huge benefit of increasing metabolism as well as making you gain muscle when you losing fat.


8-Taking low-fat or “diet” food.

Most of the processed food that claims to be low-fat or diet is filled with sugar which can give the opposite effect of what we want it to have.

This type of food will most likely give you the feel of hunger and the need for sugar, you will end up eating more than you should normally eat.


9-Drinking sugar rather than eating it.

I see this common mistake of people cutting sugar of their meals, and they still take a soda like it’s not counted.

I also suggest you stay away from fruit juices because they are also loaded with sugar.

We take for example the label of an unsweetened fruit juice in the market, we see on every 12 ounces there are 36 grams of sugar.

That will lead to having a bad results and not seeing progress in the future.


10-Not having realistic results.

If you want to get your body to a certain goal, just know that our body has a slow process, no matter your goal is losing weight or gaining it or getting strong. Everything takes time.

Losing weight can get be hard, slow, or frustrating, sometimes either depression.

Instead of dreaming to have a nice body, why don’t you fight for it.

My only advice to anyone who wants to lose weight is: “motivation won’t get you anywhere, try to have discipline, it’s the only thing that will be there for you when the motivation is gone”