Make your own training program with these tips

With all that’s happening in our world today many people took the decision of training in their houses and the most reliable way to train at home is using resisting bands and here it comes the question:


 How do we train with resisting bands?

Are they really that beneficial for muscle building or either stimulating the muscle?

Starting off with the benefits of using resisting bands, they can be really cheap and easy to get online; a lot of people underestimate what they can really do and how effective they can be, most of the high top athlete include resisting into their workouts ( Football players, gymnasts, tennis players, …).

336x280 Noocube

The resisting bands are hands down the best alternative home gym or even if you are a traveler you can bring your gym with you almost everywhere with this piece of hardware.

If you are wondering what type of exercises you can do with resisting bands I suggest you stick around with tips we will provide you with, most of the time you can replicate the gym exercises with a little bit of creativity, But before we get to the workout let me right down for you the different type of resisting bands you can find and how you choose the best one for yourself.



Looped bands: you can sometimes find a shorter or thinner band, also called mini bands or Thera bands or longer and thicker.

Non looped bands: you can find them with handles or without.



Resisting bands can be found in different colors, it depends on the manufacture but most of the type the warmer the color the more resisting it has.

TIPS: with training your lower body you will most likely need a heavier band, and if you are training the lower body you will need a lighter one; Also GREEN OR BLEU bands will mean an in-between type of weight if you are not so sure if you need a heavy band.

Now that you got your bands ready we will jump right in the workout giving a few tips that will help you reach your goals.



I will quickly break down two ways of training with resisting bands

-One: full body and straight workout start off by choosing from 3 to 5 exercises that you will do in your workout and start off by doing them for 10 to 25 reps repeating it for 3 to 5 sets. This will depend on your fitness level and the resisting of the band; remember that the goal is not to hurt yourself but to have a great workout

-Two: warm-up it’s a great way to light up your body for a workout, especially if you have injuries that you accidentally had in the past. Tips: I will suggest you do many reps until you feel your muscle working.


For targeting the chest:

 -Banded pushups / Incline banded pushups / Decline banded pushups.

How to use: take the band with your hands and put it around your back with still holding it with your hand, get on your knees then put your hands on the floor and your feet in place then perform the movement.


 -Banded flies.

How to use: take the bands and put it around a sturdy piece of furniture then try to replicate the cable flies movement if you find it too hard trying to use one hand then the other one. 

For targeting the shoulders:

 -Military press with standing on the band.

How to use: as the name of it you will simply stand on the cable then grab the other part and start doing the military press.

-Band lateral raises.

How to use: for executing this exercise you will have to stand yet again on the cable then perform the lateral raise by grabbing the two ends of the band.


-Rear should pull back.

how to use: for executing this movement you will have to make a nut with cable and grab the loose end and perform it the same way you will do in the gym. tips: keep the elbows high for maximum muscle isolation.

For targeting the arms:

-Triceps extensions.

How to use: stand on the cable grab the end from behind, now that you all set to block your elbows and let your triceps do the job. Tips: when coming down try to control the band and don’t let it control you.

Biceps curls.

How to use: that’s by far the easiest exercise to perform but I’ve seen so many mistakes with people doing it; the key here is to keep the tension in all the exercise and not letting the band control you when getting down.


for targeting the legs:

-Banded squat.

How to use: stand on the band get down and put the band around your traps and stand to perform the squat with the resisting.

Even if you have access to dumbbells or a barbell you can still add resisting bands into the routine, you just got to move around and familiars with the bands and find the right band with the right resisting that will make your workout comfortably hard;

Also, note that you can find these bands in different resisting measures that will apply to your type of training that can include very resisting bands if you are advanced so I suggest also to see in our shop the different type of bands that will make your workout comfortably hard as I passed said.


Not only resisting bands are used in bodybuilding, but they were originally used in sports, like swimming or football so that athlete can increase their performance by doing dynamic workouts and high intensity. I’m sure at some point you have seen boxers using resisting bands to perform their punches and to increase the speed of the hit-making more powerful and rapid.