How many carbs should you eat to lose weight?

A low-carb diet is very essential for weight loss and can be really effective according to research.

When cutting carbs from your diet, your appetite tends to reduce really quickly and this will cause an instant weight loss, probably quicker when you get started than when you go further into the diet it’s starting to get slower.

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Some people are less carbohydrate sensitive than others, they can eat until fullness and still be able to lose weight, without the need to be in a caloric deficit or count any of them.

Reducing carb intake can be enough for them to achieve their goals.

 The carb intake of the person depends on his age, sex, activity during the day, and their body types.

In this article, we will see how many carbs you should be eating in order to lose weight.


Why eating less carbs is important for losing weight?

Carbohydrates provide from 45% to 65%  of our daily calorie intake, and it’s about the same for all ages and all groups of sex.

The FDA (Food Drug Administration) showed that in a 2000 calorie diet, 300 grams of which are carbohydrates. That’s why some people cut down carbs even more to almost 150 grams to 50 grams.

Aiming to lose fat with cutting this much carbs can sometimes be unhealthy, it’s a good strategy but none the less, you should be careful and you shouldn’t stay in this deficit for too long.

The restriction of carbohydrates includes also sugar, bread, pasta,…; And we replace them with proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Also, this restriction reduces appetite, leading to eating fewer calories and losing weight easily.


comparing this diet to a low-fat diet, studies showed that it’s more effective to cut carbs than to cut fat from your diet; the low-fat diet requires to restrict even more calories.

Clearly, a low-carb diet is more effective than other types of diet, it’s likely more healthy.

Many studies showed that low-carb diets are healthier and more effective than low-fat diets.


How to know your daily carb intake?

Starting off with removing unhealthy sources of carbs, such as added sugars and bread will quickly help you to improve in your diet.

When you pass this first step, just know that you are ready to cut off other sources of carbs, this help to improve the potential of your metabolism.

Eating between 100-150 grams of carbohydrates a day is the estimation dietitian beliefs are right to lose weight slowly, it may work also for people with the goal of getting lean.


Eating between 50-100 grams of carbohydrates per day is more beneficial for people who suffer from sensitivity to carbs and their body reacts quickly to it, their diets will consist of a lot of vegetables and a minimal amount of fruits and starchy carbs.

Eating between 20-50 grams of carbohydrates, this more dedicated to people who are looking for losing weight fast, suffering from obesity or diabetes, or also metabolic problems. In this case, carbs should come from vegetables, avocado, nuts, berries, and nuts for example.


Calorie intake is also very important, with that being said, here are some low calories and low carbs food you may conceder eating in this situation:

  • Pieces of fruits.
  • All vegetables.
  • Healthy starches and healthy grains, like sweet potato, rice, oats…

The daily carb intake depends on the person, age, sex, body type, and many other factors.

Sometimes, a low carb diet for you can be high for another person, as I said, it depends on several factors.

Some people are more active than others during the day, some people tolerate carbs and some people don’t, some have more muscle mass than others, metabolic health also plays a big role in this situation, some people have diabetes type 2, others suffer from obesity.


It’s all different from a person to another, so I suggest you know which one of the best carb intake measures will suit your profile.

Types of carbohydrates consider eating.

Apart from losing weight, a low-carb diet will improve your health in general.

This will make your diet based on unprocessed food and healthy sources of carbohydrates, and try to avoid low-carb junk food is also important.

Including foods like fish, lean meat, nuts, vegetables, eggs, avocado, and healthy fats; will more likely give you better results and better health.

Your carbohydrates sources should also include fiber, if your carb intake is not crazy low, eating sweet potato, oats and rice are very high in fiber and good for your diet.

Staying away from added sugar stuff is really important not only for weight loss but also for health improvement.


How low carb diet help you burn fat?

When you are in a low carb diet, your blood levels of insulin reduces, insulin is the hormone that brings glucose from carbohydrates to the body’s cells, also it stores fat, that’s why studies approve that it’s the perfect way to lose weight.

After cutting carb from your diet, your insulin will be reduced and your body will start to expand more excess water, that’s why people lose weight quickly when they first start dieting. It’s just water retention that our body released.


As I said in one of my other articles, there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Your weight will start to drop down much slower after this week, but your fat mass may continue to decrease if you keep your diet right.

If you are not familiarized with low carb, you will probably need to adapt to your body burning fat other than burning carbs. After this adaptation phase, you will feel better you just have to get through the hard part.

The good thing about low carb diet, you don’t necessarily need to track what you eat if you stay away from bad carbohydrates, eating a good amount of protein and veggies at every meal with some good fats, will most likely give you good result, without craving yourself, as long as you stay away from processed foods and bad carbs.

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