Reasons why you are not losing fat on a low carb diet

Low carb diet is key number one to losing weight.

however, cutting carbs doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds, this process takes time and passion if you feel like you are doing everything right and still not seeing results.

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 here are some of the mistakes that people often make when it comes to a low-carb diet.

1-Looking at the scale way too much.

Sometimes, you are probably losing fat but you just don’t see it or realize you are doing so.

you have to keep in mind that losing weight isn’t a linear process, if you weigh yourself every day, you can see that sometimes the number that shows up is better than others.


That’s definitely not a sign that there is a problem with your diet (unless you are not controlling your carb intake).

In the first days of cutting carbs, your weight shoot down dramatically, but that’s just the water our body is holding.

You should know that there is a big difference between weight loss and fat, it’s not the same meaning.

If you do weight lifting, you can also gain muscle while you are losing fat.


That also means that you should check your body fat percentage so you have a better idea of what you are working on within your diet.

Losing fat don’t depend on only what the scale said.

2-Stressing you self.

A favorable hormone environment makes your body optimized for losing fat and functioning correctly, eating healthy and exercising can’t always be enough.

With that being said, you need to make yourself feel comfortable in what you are doing, elevated levels of stress make our hormones increase like cortisol, and it’s the main responsible hormone of stress.


Cortisol hormone makes us feel more hungry and make us crave unhealthy food.

Doing exercises like yoga and meditation, as I wrote in my other article of benefits of yoga on our body, can decrease your levels of cortisol really well.

3-Eating a lot of nuts as snacks.

No one can ignore the benefits of nuts, they are very high in fat, like almonds for example (almost 70% of the total calories).

The only downside about them is that you can quickly overheat them and be over the limit.

You can eat a lot of them and still not feel full, and just a small amount of nuts can be high in calories and even more if they were with butter or cheese.


This will for sure make you eat over your daily limit of calories, especially with their high density of energy.

4-Not exercising or doing it wrong.

To optimize your training and improve in it, try to change your goal of wanting to burn calories.

The calories you burnt during exercise can be easily replaced with a few more bites of your meal when exercising try to focus more on physical and mental health.


Exercising can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, developing muscle growth.

Running on the treadmill will most likely give you good results unless if you are overtraining things can go really wrong.

Here, I will write you down the types of exercises you should be doing to increase metabolism and be more healthy.

Lifting weights: the resistance you give to your muscle during training will make you maintain more muscle mass and improving your metabolism in the long term.

Additional low-intensity activity: additional walking during the day, like parking your car 15 min long from work will give you 30 min of walking added to your day and burning more calories.

Interval training: High-intensity exercises are an intelligent way to burn more calories and increase your metabolism, it’s also considered as a form of cardio.


5-Having unrealistic results.

If you want to have the best results, you should know that losing fat takes time and a lot of passion.

Every easy and fast way of losing fat can be unhealthy or just a myth.

Having a realistic goal of losing 1 or 2 pounds a week is very much likely a sign of a good way and having good results.

 6-Not sleeping well enough.

Having good quality sleep is very important for your health either you trying to lose weight or whatever is your situation.

Lack of sleep gives us the feeling of hunger, make us less motivated, and eat less healthy.

Sleep is the part that our body depends on to recover from exercising, a lack of sleep can make all of you hard work go to trash.

If you have problems with insomniac or anything that prevents you from sleeping; I suggest you go see a doctor, or try meditation and yoga this will help you a lot with your sleep quality like I have said in the article about yoga.

I will here give you some other tips and types of food to avoid to improve your sleep:

-Avoid everything with caffeine from 3 PM.

-Avoid exercising before bed.

-Avoid drinking alcohol.

-Make you space as dark as possible.

-Try to make your sleeping time same as every other date.

7-Including dairy and milk products to your diet.

Like I mentioned in my previous articles related to weight loss.

Dairy products are low in carbs, high in protein, those two factors will drive the energy into storage, and we really need to avoid this when dieting.

If you feel like your body can tolerate dairy products well, eating them more often will spike your insulin, this can ruin the adaptation to the metabolism than needs to adapt with low-carb dieting, and this due to the composition of amino acids in the dairy product.

Milk also can be a bad choice for dieting, it’s also high in protein and high on carbs.

8-Not cutting carbs enough.

When you are in low-carb diet, you will most likely hit plateau.

In this case, bring your carbs down with 50 grams a day, you will have to cut off even more food like if you have fruits, they will need to be cut from your diet.

Some people can be more sensitive to carbs than other.

So if the last method doesn’t show any progress, cut 20 more grams of carbs from vegetables, just temporarily, this will make you eat just protein, green leaves, and healthy fat.

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