What’s the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?


Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the two main types of diabetes. Both types are diseases caused by high blood sugar, the symptoms are different for every type, also the causes, treatment, and diet are not the same. To explain and make it simple, our body needs glucose to fuel our cells, and to make this process, it needs insulin.

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For type 1 diabetes, the production of insulin from the pancreas is very low, or worst none.

For type 2 diabetes, their body doesn’t respond to insulin or doesn’t produce enough of it.

 Disclaimer: Both types should be treated very carefully and with the presence of your Doctor.


Symptoms of diabetes:

Symptoms of diabetes can be similar from a type to another, including these:

You will have more frequent urination and more thirst, you will more hungry and more fatigued than usual, you may feel like your vision will start to blur and your hearing will decrease, your cuts will heal much slower. those are the common symptoms

Now for the type 1 diabetes, you may start to feel more moody and losing weight unintentionally, people with type 2 diabetes may feel numbness in their hands and feet.


These symptoms can be developed in the course of time and not necessarily from day one, you can have diabetes and not have symptoms for many years, this more current with type 2 diabetes. Some people have diabetes but they don’t show any signs even if they have it.

What causes diabetes?

The two types may have similar symptoms but the causes are different for each type.

For type 1 diabetes: The immune system for some reason attacks his own healthy cells and considers them as foreign cells, and this cell is insulin produced by the pancreas.

For type 2 diabetes: The body produces insulin, but it’s unable to put it to use correctly or effectively, the body becomes more resistant to insulin, researchers don’t have a direct reason why this happened, but excess weight and inactivity can have a big effect on diabetes.

genetics and your geographic place may also contribute to having diabetes.


Is diabetes common with people?

30.3 million people in the united state have diabetes, according to the 2017 statistics of national diabetes.

Type 1 is less common than type 2, almost 90% to 95% have type 2 diabetes, people with higher age are hit with diabetes more than children or teenagers.

American Indians and Alaskan have a higher risk of having diabetes for both men and women.


Diet for diabetes.

Having a well-balanced diet is really important either you have diabetes or you don’t.

Working with your doctor or nutritionist is very important in this case.

Especially for type 1 diabetes, having a nutritionist that will make your diet balanced with what you eat and how much insulin you are taking. Carbs can increase the levels of high blood sugar, knowing how much carbs you taking should conform to how much insulin you taking.


That’s why having a dietitian is very important.

And for type 2 diabetes, your diet should be healthy and low-carb if you suffer from obesity, most likely your doctor will recommend a low carb diet.

What about the treatment of each type?

It’s sad to say that there is no cure for type 1 diabetes.

People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin, this will leave them to only one option of injecting insulin.

The injection can be done on soft tissue such as arm, stomach, or buttocks, the injection can be done one time a day as it can be done several times.


Disclaimer:  your doctor is the only one who is allowed to tell you when to inject insulin and how many times a day.

Another method consists of pumping insulin with a tube, this will supply your body with a steady amount of insulin.

Measuring your blood sugar is very important for type 1 diabetes, the levels can be increased and decreased really quickly.

It’s a very different story with type 2 diabetes, it can be controlled with a healthy diet and exercise, some people find it hard, so they get medications from their doctors to maximize the use of their insulin.

Measuring your blood sugar is also important for type 2 diabetes if you don’t feel great and your level blood sugar is high, you can contact your doctor and he may recommend injecting insulin.

Controlling your levels of blood sugar may result in less serious complications in the future, and bring your levels back to normal.

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